We're licensed problem-solvers. By doing the heavy lifting and the fine tuning, we make what can be the long and complex process of developing a project a painless one for our clients. We create forward-thinking design for forward-looking clients. 



We adapt our style to the needs of each project with every service we offer. From a service-based architectural firm, we have grown into a design-based firm with an original mindset. 



sustainable design + evaluation
code compliance
value engineering + analysis
construction administration
post occupancy evaluation
building information modeling (BIM)
visualization / 3D modeling
graphics / signage


space planning
needs assessment
interior design
furniture design + procurement
art coordination
graphics / signage


feasibility studies
site selection + analysis
master planning
facility evaluation + studies
site programming
project management
community outreach



Like custom-made suits, buildings should fit the people who inhabit them. While form may follow function, design follows personality, perspective, ambition, and desire. 

As recognized leaders in our industry and community, we take a proactive approach, guiding clients to ideal outcomes. 

We make the most of the resources available for design results that are fiscally and environmentally sustainable.




Our work environment is built on open communication and collaboration. We foster an atmosphere where a wealth of ideas and perspectives can flourish. 


All team members are encouraged in their personal and professional development. By sharing ideas and experiences, we learn and grow individually and together.  

Design Excellence

With diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, it’s easy for us to challenge the status quo.  We’re constantly pushing the envelope for better design.


Our mission is to elevate the ordinary through a collective vision for design and life.

Our Clients.

Our clients look to us to help them create spaces and buildings that serve their needs. Our guidance defines and reinforces brands while providing the most bang for their buck. We inspire and lead clients to make good business decisions throughout the design and construction of their project. Here are just a few of our clients: 


The Team.

If it looks like we’re having fun, it’s because we are! That’s our passion for creativity at work, along with our commitment to realizing the vision we’ve helped our clients develop. With 40 years combined experience, EHA’s partners lead a diverse team that brings a wealth of unique perspectives, devotion to design, and dedication to clients’ happiness to every endeavor.